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Kill Your Sugar Addiction in 5 Days

Starts Monday 23rd November at 10 am AEST

If you’ve been diagnosed with insulin resistance or prediabetes, or maybe you just want to lose that annoying belly fat. One of the best things you can do is to give up sugar.

Sugar is a high GI carbohydrate with no nutritional value.
Sounds simple right? All you have to do is… stop eating it. But it’s not so easy!
Sugar has been compared to cocaine when it comes to it’s addictive properties. It’s really, really hard to give up. You can experience withdrawal symptoms such as depression, sleep disturbance, anxiety and mood swings.
So what can you do? You can come and join our challenge, and find out how to kick the sugar addiction quickly and easily!

Meet Your Hosts

Wendy Owen
Heather Farrell

You'll discover...

  • The real reason sugar is so addictive
  • The 3 things you must do to avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • Do we recommend artificial sweeteners? And if so, why?
  • A little known exercise you can use anytime to reduce cravings, and…
  •  A whole lot more

What our happy clients have to say...

I am 81 and have for as long as I can remember tried to take good care of myself. I take a few supplements and medications to keep things under control. Wendy reconfirmed a lot of what I have been doing and also gave me new things to check out. I had been taking CoQ10 on a regular basis and had only recently read about and started taking Curcumin (Turmeric), which Wendy recommends. I think after less than one week, I am seeing positive effects of the Tumeric Curcumin, so it was good to see it recommended by Wendy.
J. McElroy
What this woman doesn't know about healthy aging hasn't been discovered yet. Wendy is my go-to person for every aspect of my health. Thank you!
Reg Marsons
From Qld Australia
Wendy has a profound knowledge about our bodies but she also understands how to motivate and encourage us to change our ways of living or bad habits when needed to obtain better health.
Ingrid Johanssen